Every one is a sucker for a good acoustic song from time to time, especially if it is an acoustic version of a fan-favorite. One of the factors that makes an acoustic song so special is that it is a more soothing, “stripped-down” version of a plugged-in song. Whether you are relaxing, sleeping, thinking, or simply in the mood for that acoustic-sound, here are 10 fantastic acoustic versions of songs by some of your favorite bands.

10.  “Jasey Rae” by All Time Low

I would be lying if I said that All Time Low wasn’t going to appear on this list multiple times. The pop-punk band always does a fantastic job at turning one of their pop-punk songs into an acoustic track, and one of their best would be the acoustic version of all-time fan-favorite “Jasey Rae.” Regardless, if you are familiar with the back story or not, (feel free to research it,) the emotion in Alex Gaskarth’s voice couldn’t be more sincere.

9.  “Somewhere In Neverland” by All Time Low

The original was actually featured as #10 in Our Top 10 All Time Low Songs list earlier in the year. It opens with a violin, emphasizing the romance within the meaning. “Somewhere In Neverland” is about escaping from reality with the person you love; escaping to Neverland, the dwelling of the boy who never grows up.

8.  “Cinder Block Garden” by All Time Low

In 2015, when Future Hearts was released, the track “Cinder Block Garden” quickly became a favorite among All Time Low fans. I specifically remember them debuting the live performance of this song as an acoustic track. Like nearly every acoustic All Time Low song, Alex Gaskarth never fails to express the emotion accentuated in the meaning.

7.  “Call It Karma” by Silverstein

“Call It Karma (acoustic)” was featured in our 10 Songs to Help You Wind Down list back in March. I heard the acoustic version years before I listened to the original, and to this day, it remains one of my favorite acoustic songs of all time. Not only does it leave you with deep thoughts about your past, but the instrumentals and vocals make the song feel extremely emotional. Silverstein is another band that never fails to craft one of their metalcore songs into a great acoustic track, so “Call It Karma” is not the only song of theirs you will see on this list.

6.  “The Ground Folds” by Senses Fail

Senses Fail may have released an acoustic EP earlier in the year, but they have always written great acoustic songs even back at the start of their career. With lyrics referencing to Shakespeare works and the vocal style of an early 2000s emo song, the acoustic version of Senses Fail’s “The Ground Folds” is a great track to sit back and relax to.

5.  “Massachusetts” by Silverstein

As mentioned early, Silverstein does an excellent job at turning one of their songs into an acoustic version. “Massachusetts” is a song about domestic violence, and the acoustic instrumentals allow the listener to focus on the lyrics and follow the victim’s story within the song.

4.  “Three Cheers For Five Years” by Mayday Parade

The acoustic version of Mayday Parade’s “Three Cheers For Five Years” is one of the best acoustic tracks in the Punk Goes… compilation series. With a steady and prominent piano, this very emotional song is also great to fall asleep to.

3.  “Don’t Be So Hard” by The Audition

The Audition was a pop punk band that rose to popularity in the mid-2000s. An acoustic version of their song, “Don’t Be So Hard,” was featured on Punk Goes Acoustic 2 and was actually my first exposure to the band. The combination of the acoustic instrumentals and the emotion in the vocals definitely makes this song a good thinking track.

2.  “Great Romances Of The 20th Century” by Taking Back Sunday

“Great Romances Of The 20th Century” is a song from the iconic emo rock album Tell All Your Friends. Acoustic Taking Back Sunday is far different from Plugged-in Taking Back Sunday, and the acoustic version of this fan-favorite remains to be one of their best.

1. “Lost And Found” by Senses Fail

“Lost And Found” plays a part in a story told by concept album Still Searching. Most recently featured on Senses Fail’s acoustic EP In Your Absence, the acoustic version of “Lost And Found” is just as good as, if not better than the original plugged-in version.