Bowling for Soup has been around since 1994. They have had countless hits and have stayed true to their punk rock sound. Here is 11 reasons why Bowling for Soup is the “greatest band on earth.”

1. They say so.

If you have ever had the chance to see Bowling for Soup live, they always start every set by introducing themselves as the greatest band on earth.

2. One of their biggest songs is not their song.

For about a decade now, Bowling for Soup has been receiving credit for “Stacy’s Mom.” The only catch is that the song is originally by the band Fountains of Wayne.

3. They perform the theme song of the best cartoon ever.

From 2007-2015, Bowling for Soup were the masterminds behind the theme song for Phineas and Ferb.

4. They’re a bunch of “fat 40 year olds singing about high school.”

Yes, these are they’re exact words.

5. They say so.

They also finish their sentence from number 4 but restating that they are the greatest band on earth.

6. They do a “musically enhanced photo-op with Bowling for Soup” during every set.

They completely stop their set in the middle of a song to do a musically enhanced photo-op where rock music plays in the background while they walk around the stage and pose.

7. They’re a “professional” rock band.

They also said this.

8. They go drink beer while the audience sings their song for them.

They specifically tell the audience that this is the next part of the set too.

9. They have a theme song.

Before they walk on stage at the beginning of every set, they have a theme song that plays.

10. They have a song about the great state of Texas and it’s called “Ohio.”

Must we say more?

11. They say so.

Not only do they repeat it a few times throughout their set, they also ask the audience if they are the greatest band on earth.