It is undeniable that Yellowcard was a major player of the 2000s pop-punk scene. Sure, you may know their all-time hits like “Ocean Avenue” and “Only One,” you might even know “Here I Am Alive,” but the band has become so much more since their 2004 breakthrough, with dozens of hidden gems throughout their eight full-length studio albums. The band’s final concert ever will take place on March 25 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, so of course we put together a list of some of the best yet underrated Yellowcard songs to honor their legacy of nearly twenty years as a band. In fact, because they have so many excellent songs to choose from, it was impossible to narrow this list down to ten. That being said, in no particular order, here are twelve criminally underrated Yellowcard songs.

Be sure to take a listen to them all below!



Definitely an old-school Yellowcard song, “Sureshot” is a track from the band’s first full-length album to feature current lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ryan Key. Kicking off with an insane violin intro recognizable to any big Yellowcard fan, it’s really the inspiring lyric “Find what you’re following” that holds a special place in many fans’ hearts.

“Find what you’re following and chase it down”


“Holly Wood Died”

The album Lights And Sounds as a whole centralizes around the dark reality of Hollywood and fame. In this song, Yellowcard personifies California’s “Land of Dreams” as a girl collectively named “Holly Wood.” It’s her presumed death that metaphorically reflects upon the negative effects of the Hollywood lifestyle, also giving listeners a glimpse of the corruption. Not to mention, the song ends with a beautiful violin solo.

“Nobody told her she’d lose in the first round, the last fight was fixed from the start”


“Sure Thing Falling”

A retrospective view of a past relationship, “Sure Thing Falling” from 2006 album Lights And Sounds, starts out with heavier guitar riffs. Probably about winning someone over, it’s important to remember that whoever saves the girl is stealing her from someone else and regardless of what happens and how, all sure things fall.

“One of them saves you from this, the other one steals you and then sure things fall”



“Keeper” from 2007 studio album Paper Walls revolves around something that everyone has been able to relate to at some point in their life. It’s about feeling alone and searching for love that seems impossible to find. Sometimes it even comes to the point where you are convinced that you are destined to die alone. However, “Keeper” takes a unique spin to this common lyrical theme. Key is actually singing to no one but himself.  He is wishing to fall in love with someone who will love him too. He hasn’t met her yet, and that is certainly a feeling that everyone has experienced when lonely.

“But I know what you think of me; you had a breakthrough and now I’m just bad news for you”


“Gifts And Curses”

An all-time fan-favorite, “Gifts And Curses” was originally featured on the soundtrack for action film Spider-Man 2.  Opening with beautiful violin, the song is based on the love between Peter Park and Mary Jane Watson. It’s right in the title of the song: Peter Parker’s Gift is his Curse for now.

“(She is the one), this gift is my curse for now”


“Shadows And Regrets”

Another moving track from Paper Walls, “Shadows And Regrets” makes a perfect tribute to a deceased love on. Reflecting on a longtime friendship and appreciating memories shared, it is also about coming to terms with death. Is it morbid to say that I would want this song to be played at my funeral?

“When we were only kids, and we were best of friends, and we hoped for the best, and let go from the rest”


“Cut Me, Mick”

“Cut Me Mick” is another powerful song from Paper Walls. Possibly inspired by the boxing film Rocky, the words “cut me” symbolizes revival and being brought back to life after defeat.

“You are the one that I need, you know that I can still bleed, bring me back to life”


“Paper Walls”

The title-track of the album with the same name, “paper walls” is a metaphor for subconsciously separating yourself from the people most important to you. Once you are fully aware of these invisible paper walls you have built around yourself, it is all on you to burn them down.

“Here I am, still hold on to this dream we had, won’t let go of it”


“Be The Young”

From 2011 comeback album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, “Be The Young” is all about renewal and starting fresh. After a short hiatus, the band was able to bring out the energy they had when they first started out, and this track is a perfect representation of that.

“You are still here next to me, all I need, you’re all I see in this life we hoped to find”


“A Vicious Kind”

From the almost-nostalgic album Southern Air due to its mix of pop-punk elements and lyrical themes, “A Vicious Kind” is about a manipulative friendship or relationship. It’s about that self-centered person in your life who always blames and takes advantage of others. That person is of a vicious kind and because you’ve lost all sympathy, it’s time to cut ties and say goodbye.

“You’re a vicious kind ‘cause you’ve lived this life where you’re allowed to win”



An extremely personal and heartbreaking song, “Ten” from Southern Air is about a miscarriage. The meaning behind the title comes from if the child were to be alive when this song was written, the child would have been ten years old. It’s all about how great life would be if the child was here today.

“You would be harmony to every single part of me and you would have all the love in my heart”


“Empty Street”

Originally meant to be a song for Ryan Key’s past side-project Big If, “Empty Street” is one of the best tracks from their new self-titled record. With its amazing and powerful lyrical content, “Empty Street” provides the assurance that even though something may be over, those memories can always closely remain.

“I won’t be with you, but I won’t be far away”