March is “Music Therapy Awareness Month.” Music Therapy is a way of using music to help patients in many different ways. It is most commonly used to hep improve cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, and social skills. Here’s 13 songs in honor of this incredible field and awareness month.

1. Brighter – Against The Current

“There’s something beautiful hiding in the shadows. So set the world on fire, let’s burn a little bit brighter now.”

2. Stay Alive (feat. Matt Skiba) – Andy Black

“Stay alive for the good times, stay alive through the bad. Stay alive for the hopes and the fears and the dreams, the best that we ever had.”

3. Someone, Somewhere – Asking Alexandria

“Even though I’m on my own, I know I’m not alone, ’cause I know there’s someone somewhere praying that I make it home.”

4. Make Them Gold – CHVRCHES

“We are made of our longest days. We are falling but not alone. We will take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold.”

5. The Light – Disturbed

“Sometime darkness can show you the light.”

6. Get Better – Frank Turner

“Come on now, let’s fix this mess. We could get better because we’re not dead yet.”

7. Still Breathing – Green Day

“‘Cause I’m still breathing, ’cause I’m still breathing on my own.”

8. Satellite – Rise Against

“It’s not too late we have the rest of our lives.”

9. Breakdown – Seether

“So break me down if it makes you feel right. And hate me now if it keeps you alright. You can break me down if it take all your might, ’cause I’m so much more than meets the eye.”

10. Upside Down – Set It Off

“I’m gonna make a smile light up that frown and we can turn it upside down, we can turn it upside down.”

11. Mononokay – Sorority Noise

“And I’ve gotten better at being me.”

12. Rescue – The Summer Set

“When you need me I’ll be there, a friend in the eye of the storm. And when all the lights burn out I’ll carry you out of the dark. I’ll come to your rescue.”

13. Believe – Yellowcard

“Everything is going to be alright. Be strong, believe.”