We’ve all tried a workout routine but sometimes the biggest problem is not finding the right music to workout to. I know I’m guilty of stopping in the middle of a workout to change the song. So here’s a list of 15 songs to help you get the best workout possible.

1. “Blood Like Gasoline” – Against The Current

This track by female-fronted band Against The Current, gradually increases in tempo and energy making it a great song to run to.

2. “Last Young Renegade” – All Time Low

The title track off All Time Low’s newest album is full of energy and is so much fun to listen to. This is another great song to run to.

3. “Louder Than Your Love” – Andy Black

Another fun song to listen to, Andy Black’s song Louder Than Your Love is the perfect way to end, or start, a cardio workout.

4. “Weight of the World” – Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire’s song Weight of the World, has just the right amount of intensity to get you through those dreaded, or exciting, arm workouts.

5. “Castle on the Hill” – Ed Sheeran

One of Ed Sheeran’s most recent singles has the perfect beat and just the right amount of energy for a full ab workout.

6. “Revolution Radio” – Green Day

Another great cardio song; Green Day’s title track of their newest album is full of energy.

7. “Don’t Play” – Halsey

This track off of Halsey’s newest album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, has just the right tempo for when it’s time for leg day.

8. “Yesterday” – Marianas Trench

A song that takes themes straight from the 1980s, Marianas Trench’s Yesterday is upbeat and fun; great for any part of your workout routine.

9. “Let’s Be Honest” – Mayday Parade

One of Mayday Parade’s so-called “heavier” songs, Let’s Be Honest is perfect for lifting weights or even kickboxing.

10. “Don’t Feel Quite Right” – Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale’s high energy song Don’t Feel Quite Right is so much fun to listen to and is another great song for a cardio workout.

11. “Just Tonight” – The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless’ song Just Tonight has a more laid back feel but still has tons of power behind it, making it a great song for leg day.

12. “Never Know” – Set It Off

A song all about taking risks and not knowing how something will play out until you take a shot. Set It Off’s song Never Know is a perfect song to inspire someone to do something, even going to workout.

13. “Awake and Alive” – Skillet

Skillet’s Awake and Alive has so much power behind it, making it such a fun song to kick-box to.

14. “Heaven Can Wait” – We The Kings

The energy and tempo in We The Kings’ song Heaven Can Wait is something that you can have so much fun running to.

15. “Voldemort” – With Confidence

With Confidence’s classic pop-punk sound and tempo in their song Voldemort is great for those evil, or good, arm days.


Even if working out isn’t your thing, any of these songs are perfect to put on and rock out to. When in doubt, dance it out.