With 2017 being right around the corner, everyone’s excited about what’s to come in the new year; whether it be the new music that will be released or telling yourself you’re finally going to stick with whatever that New Year’s Resolution may be. But with 2016 coming to a close, it seems only fitting to look back on all the great music that has been released this year. Here’s 16 of the best albums released in 2016.

The Shadow Side – Andy Black


Steering away from the rock and roll sound that Black Veil Brides possess, Andy Biersack to a step in another direction with his debut solo album The Shadow Side. Filled with songs that didn’t quite fit Black Veil Brides’ sound, this album possess something completely different then what we’re used to hearing Andy sing. It was one of the most anticipated albums of 2016 and it definitely didn’t let us down.

Aggressive – Beartooth


The Metal band Beartooth topped the release of their debut album with their new album Aggressive. This grows with intensity with each track producing that hardcore sound Beartooth is known for.

California – Blink 182


Four years after the release of their album Neighborhoods, Blink 182 released their newest album California. The band released the album with the help of new member, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio. California is packed with blistering pace, surprising range, crisp guitar tones, hum-worthy melodies, and plenty of pop punk silliness.

Retrograde – Crown The Empire


Crown The Empire’s third album seems to stray away from their usual larger than life concepts, but they are still shooting for the moon. Retrograde is the perfect balance between the band’s lofty ideas and their ability to write captivating songs.

Bad Vibrations – A Day To Remember


Bad Vibrations is heavier than previous A Day To Remember albums, but still features the perfect blend of dirty and clean vocals form front man Jeremy McKinnon. With this album the band is paying homage to their punk and metal roots as well as baring scars along the way.

Revolution Radio – Green Day


Green Day gets back to the basics with their newest album Revolution Radio. It’s a simple yet ferocious punk album from a band that does it best. The album reflects decades of accumulated emotional wisdom along with a vibrant punk rock sound.

Treehouse – I See Stars


I See Stars’ first major release without former member Zach Johnson and Jimmy Gregerson shows a shift in the band’s sound, but for the better. A fluid combination of pop, indie, electronic, hard rock, and even a little bit of hip hop, their fifth album has something on it for everyone.

From The Grave – Juliet Simms


Despite having the title From The Grave, Juliet Simms’ second EP is full of energy. Her songs contain powerful refrains from her strong voice but the music is simple to listen to. It’s a fun embrace from the cruel outside world.

This Light I Hold – Memphis May Fire


Memphis May Fire has blended elements of old-school Southern rock with abrasive unclean vocals resulting in their most engaging album to date. This Light I Hold has a well-balanced structure of different genres that old and new comers alike will enjoy.

Cold World – Of Mice & Men


Of Mice & Men’s fourth album is definitely their most diverse, transitioning from Metalcore to Mainstream Rock smoothly throughout the album. Cold World has a wider variety and tighter songwriting. This album contains something for everyone.

Boom Boom Room (Side A) – Palaye Royale


Palaye Royale’s debut full length album is fast-paced and features the best elements from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Containing an almost My Chemical Romance vibe, Boom Boom Room reaches out to the punk rock community and grabs the listener’s attention with ageless guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

Death Of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco


Death Of A Bachelor comes full circle on Panic!’s evolution. The album is split in half with one side containing elements of Panic!’s earlier sound and the other side full of triumphant anthems. Brendon Urie uses every trick up his sleeve to create a wide range of genres, yet still manages to keep the idiosyncrasy that is Panic! At The Disco’s sound.

Upside Down – Set It Off

Upside Down  is an album that expands further upon the alternative, pop and rock elements with a stronger level of composition. Set It Off have constructed their most diverse album yet as it shows the full spectrum of their musical talent.

13 Voices – Sum 41

13 Voices definitely lives up to the hype. Whibley’s songs are even more passionate and fiery than ever. The comeback album after Derek’s brush with death is filled with passionate lyrics and instrumentals. It grabs the listener from the very first song and keeps them engaged until the very last.

Stories For Monday – The Summer Set

The Summer Set’s fourth album Stories for Monday tells a resilient tale of a band rediscovering what matters, and releasing some of the best songs of their career in the process. The album’s sound resides in a grey area between pop and punk, which has always been the sound The Summer Set has aimed for, and this album definitely contains some of their best efforts yet at that.

Yellowcard – Yellowcard

Yellowcard is an album all about resolution, which was not a surprise at all. It’s about the band thanking their fans and reminding them of all the tremendous memories they’ve shared. Even though Yellowcard marks the band’s definitive end, it’s still difficult to escape that next chapter feeling. It’s the final goodbye a Yellowcard fades into a distant memory.


Ok, so the title of this post is a bit deceiving. 16 albums in 2016 just sounded better. Here are two more albums that we just couldn’t leave off the list.

Better Weather – With Confidence

with confidence better weather

This album by Australian rockers, With Confidence, is probably the most underrated album released in 2016. If you’re a true pop-punk band and haven’t heard this album yet, please, do yourself a favor and open Spotify or Apple Music immediately and begin streaming. So good.

Midadventures – Pierce The Veil

pierce the veil misadventures

Misadventures represents a rich, more polished version of the Pierce The Veil that broke out in their last release Collide With The Sky back in 2012. This album has enough originality to keep the band moving forward, and was definitely worth the long wait.


What albums do you think were some of the best of 2016? Let us know in the comments below!


Contributed by Natalie Roberto | @natalieannxoxox

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