Face it. The life of a concert-goer ain’t easy.

1. The pure anxiety moments before tickets go on sale.

2. Road tripping because God forbid the band comes to the venue that’s near your house.

3. And playing the entirety of the band’s repertoire on the way

4. Camping out for the GA show

5. Making new friends in line based on nothing more than the fact that they knew all the lyrics to that one song

6. The feeling when they open the venue doors but before you can reach the barrier you’re stopped for a security search… like we get it, safety, but also you always end up getting the slowest guard

7. The feeling when you finally reach the barrier

8. And the subsequent moment of dread when you realize you need to pee but there’s no way you’re losing your spot

9. When the crowd’s pushing and the openers aren’t even on stage yet

10. The people behind you who have never been to a concert before complaining that it’s too hot

11. When someone tries to cut in front of you

12. That group of evil people that boos at the opening band for no real reason

13. Cheering for the stage crew because they’re doing a great job

14. Being kicked in the head by a crowd surfer but not really minding

15. When the main act comes

16. When they tell you that you’re the loudest crowd so far

17. That group of people that start to leave when the band stops because they are ignorant to fact that there’s always an encore (it’s like the same people who leave before the end of the credits of a Marvel™ movie)

18. Getting a guitar pick from your favorite band

19. When the concerts actually over and you can’t hear anything

20. The drive home

21. Post concert depression


Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie