Matt Skiba talked with Music Radar where he discussed writing Blink’s latest album, the band’s future and what made him want to join Blink-182.

“The thing that sold me on it was Travis and Mark’s certainty that I was the right fit. When they asked me, I thought that if those guys thought I could do it then I would do it. I didn’t know what the fans were going to say.

“But it was an easy transition in the same way that when Trio makes a new record, at some point you want to keep the fans in mind but you also want to make something that means something to you. This new situation, it seems, thinking back, that a lot has transpired, and a lot has – my life has changed completely, but at the same time it is familiar.”


“We had a group of songs that we still may or may not use, I don’t know. There’s way more material than just what is on the deluxe record; there’s a whole other record’s worth of material that I personally thought sounded too much like Alkaline Trio.

“That’s how I write; it’s hard to change. It’s like you can’t just change your fingerprint. We discussed the record at length and made sure that we didn’t just really like it, we had to love it. You can’t put something out that is anything short of true love and true pride.”

As for that next Blink album:

“We have been talking about getting back in the studio next year, but there is nothing set in stone.”

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