As rock enthusiasts, we all know that music comes from all around the globe. From California to Europe, we’ve been able to see rock elevate and blossom throughout the years.

One great band who’s emerged into the alternative rock scene is Stop The Rain, a five member band from Scotland consisting of members Blair Davie, Sam Flood, Sam Steele Kyle Fummey, and Ben Muir. As a newer band in the alternative rock genre, the guys’ have already been igniting the airwaves with their three singles listed here.

AllPunkedUp was given a wonderful chance to talk to the guys in an exclusive interview, where we chatted about some interesting topics.

The bands’ upbringing was like most bands; a bunch of friends who loved to jam. For each member, music has been apart of their lives since they were young. Blair stated, “Well myself (Blair, singer/guitarist) and our drummer Kyle began writing music together when we six in his garage and always dreamed of starting a band,” he continued, “music has always been in our homes and our lives so starting playing instruments was a natural progression for us both.”

For some people, friends at a young age usually drift away. It’s a natural cycle, but sometimes it’s the case. However, for Stop The Rain, it was a different story. “After going our separate ways for a while we crossed paths again after myself and our other singer/guitarist Sam decided to write and record some music that we needed a drummer for. We all went into the studio together, really hit it off and haven’t looked back since.”

Blair is right, they haven’t looked back. They had a goal, an idea, and a plan for the music they were to create. For some time, they wrote music similar to, “Blues pop” as Blair explained, but moved into alternative rock to fill their creative needs. However, creative needs seem impossible to meet with five people in a band. People may disagree on things and it could end tragically. For STR, they didn’t let it bring them down.

I think that having five people in the band works to our advantage.” Blair explained, “we’ve got five different and unique musicians who always have something to contribute and this makes writing sessions really exciting and energetic.

The only downside to having five people in a band is reportedly getting everyone together for practice or making sure they all read the group chat, Blair jokingly stated.

With jokes aside, STR have an agenda with their music. They want people to feel their music and actually be able to resonate with it. Something that many musicians don’t have a place in their heart for.

The running theme of our new EP is of finding your place, in relationships, friendships and how you grow as a person..our first single was ‘Home Is Where My Heart Is’ and it’s about how home doesn’t need to be a geographical location” Blair continued, “ It can be anywhere you feel safe, surrounded by people you care about. That could be a gig, a café, anywhere. The idea is that the connection we have with the people around us is vital and something we should cherish.

There’s no room for failure with this bands’ mission and agenda. They’re a wholehearted rock band who you’ll enjoy with whatever emotions you’re running through. I highly suggest you take a look at their music and take a look at their new EP ‘Sinking‘, that will be released on the 15th of September via Eighty – Eight Records.

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