Tom Delonge claimed he was working on a new album called Strange Times weeks ago. Now, the ex-Blink-182 songwriter and guitarist reveals that the music, to be released with Angels and Airwaves, will be somewhat similar to song-writing from his early career.

In an Instagram statement, DeLonge said, “That is my new little amp on the coffee table… isn’t it cute? Just waiting for one piece of gear and my studio will be operational. Then, some very fast, soaring @angelsandairwaves music to go with the Strange Times Film… that’s the goal, kids. I have a feeling this will be a hallmark album for me. I have so much to communicate, to feel… and I also think the songs should be a little fast. Like… you know, a bit punk and a bit “old-style.” Angels could use a little speed. 🙂

Some are wondering if this album will sound a lot like Blink-182’s earlier albums such as Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat, which had some fast punk tunes. To piece together the puzzle and figure this out, we have to see what the Strange Times movie series is based on. According to another Instagram post by DeLonge, it appears like our hypothesis is correct. He posted a picture and a quote by Aaron Karo, the writer for the Strange Times movie, and this is what he had to say:

“Blink-182 is all about having no respect for authority, speaking truth to power, and offending everyone equally. And that DNA is in the Strange Times Animated Series. It’s a love letter to punk rock and a middle finger to everybody else.”

It appears that Tom is reaching back to his roots and will be changing the identity of Angels and Airwaves again, like how he reconstructed it with Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails for their 2014 album, The Dream Walker.

Regardless of who he brings along, or how he constructs this album, it’s crucial for Tom to come back to his punk rock roots and show the world once again that no matter what he’s doing, how much he ages, or which band he’s with, he’ll always be punk.

We’re beyond excited for some fresh, fast punk tunes from Tom DeLonge.