Throughout the music industry, there are many artists or bands that have given a strong opinion on certain places. Their lyrics give a view on how they feel about the area, and there can be no better way to experience these songs than to visit and travel there. Here are 36 songs about places you can travel to.

1. “Sweet Home Alabama” — Lynyrd Skynyrd

A classic song on how Alabama is dearly loved, and memories that were created in the beautiful southern state.

2. “Africa” — Toto

A delicate song explaining the nature from rain to landscape, and how time is enjoyable at every waking moment.

3. “Jesus of Suburbia” — Green Day

Referring to Anaheim, where war is going on, perhaps not the best place to visit during wartime, but a trip is a trip.

4. “Californication” — Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song may not embrace California in the most desirable way, but it does explain the dark side of its society. A place in where everyone wants to be part of the famous state full of dreams, but the reality is another.

5. “San Diego” — Blink182

In the place where the band originated in its suburb 26 years ago, the time has flown by and the memory of San Diego brings them back to older times making them want to go back to the beautiful city with an ocean view.

6. “Somewhere on Fullerton” — Allister

Fullerton is a city in California in Orange County. The song dedicates itself prior to four years ago, that actual year remains anonymous, but his love is not. Recalling all good feelings from that time.

7. “Beverly Hills” — Weezer

Accounted for one of the most popular cities, the lyrics confirm it is due to how it makes the artist feels small and invisible, being in Beverly Hills can change all of that.

8. “Hotel California” — Eagles

This is our second dark song about California, showing the insanity of a man at a hotel. Checking in, but can never leave forever more being trapped.

9. “We don’t need Another song about California” — My Chemical Romance

The third song on this list where California is not all it seems. People with dreams who wish to make it big, when the state is careless to the dreamers.

10. “Eyeless” — Slipknot

The final song about California and “Eyeless” covers that you need to have famous eyes such as Marlon Brando’s to see the entire state with ease.

11. “City of Ocala” — A Day to Remember

City in Florida where the artist felt like the place was his own. Growing up and creating memories, much like how many other people feel about their hometowns.

12. “For Baltimore” — All Time Low

In Maryland, love is taken strongly by the hand on a Thursday night, the city comes alive when they are together. A city with much U.S history, like the creation of “The Sparkling Banner”.

13. “Chicago is so Two Years Ago” — Fall Out Boy

Unlike the previous song on our list, this one has a rather hate feeling toward an ex—girlfriend, now bringing bad memories.

14. “Detroit” — Rancid

In the city of Michigan, many good feelings occur in one hell of a night.

15. “Mexico” — Incubus

Where he waited for a girl who never showed, he is settled with leaving to Mexico alone on a train unless she shows up. The beautiful land of Mexico, holding on strong indigenous roots.

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