There’s nothing worse than having a band calling the quits, especially when their music is raw, tenured, and everlasting no matter how long they’ve been apart. There have been too many instances where great bands have been ruined by bad behaviors, ill-intentions, or they’ve just fallen off the grid due to creative differences.

With that said, here are a few bands that need to be revived. Disagree or agree, it’s all up to you.

My Chemical Romance.

Duh, this is a no brainer. Since 2013, the edgy middle schooler inside us died when My Chemical Romance called it quits. From Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, to the BELOVED Black Parade, and even Danger Days, My Chem never disappointed fans. I can recall hundreds of moments where this band was a huge part of my life, where I’d have dozens of their songs on my playlists, and still do today. It’s such an unfortunate thing that this band broke up, but its even worse that they broke up because of the assumption that they couldn’t live up to previous expectations based off their earlier albums.

To make things better, the bands’ front-man Gerard Way hasn’t been distant from music. He released a solo record in 2017 titled Hesitant Alien, which is a very complete solo record that shocked me by how great it was. However, it wasn’t what we all wanted from the edge-lord we all know and love.

My Chem tricked everyone a two years ago tweeting out a video of The Black Parade Flag with a date next to it, which confused and excited everyone. I was going nuts thinking it was for a reunion tour, but was further disappointed as it was just a tribute to the bands’ best album. However, time is always a testament for bands, and the future can hold anything. I wouldn’t count out a reunion tour in the future. But until then, we’ll be desperately waiting for any type of reunion we can get our hands on.


There’s never been a pop punk band as unique as Yellowcard and their musical creations. From Ocean Avenue, to Lights and Sounds, and even 2016’s untitled record, the band has always found a way to be unique, intriguing, and fresh with their music. Yellowcard was a true powerhouse in the world of pop punk, from catchy lryics from William Ryan Key, to the outstanding ambience displayed by Sean Mackin and his ever-so-embraceful violin. For the longest time, I never understood how a punk band could introduce a violin into a song and still maintain an ambient vibe, as well as a rockin’ tune.

Although the band only called it quits a year ago, the scene is definitely missing leadership from such a great band. Although William Ryan Key has been active with solo acoustic records, it’s nowhere near what Yellow Card was capable of. Unfortunately, without his counter parts, he’s just another musician.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a ten year reunion tour in 2027. That is, if the scene isn’t dead yet.

Box Car Racer

Box Car Racer was everyone’s first post-hardcore-emo band they fell in love with. From the creative leadership in Blink-182 from Tom DeLonge, to the frustrating situations he claimed to be facing personally, their single album was an absolute monocle to the world of punk rock. It introduced a new element to post hardcore, where you didn’t have to be screaming all the time, and that you can still be ambient and abrasive with emotional lyrics. Every single track on this album—from “Sorrow”, to “All Systems Go”–this album was a perfect mix to what DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker were capable of bringing to the future of Blink-182, and their own personal endeavors.

People had this album on the backburner, and even after the 17 years of its existence, bands were reminded of its perfections when former blink-182 front-man DeLonge deciced to out his Twitter fingers to the test, and start mumbling on about a future Box Car reunion. He was rumored to have even had a chat about it with Barker over the phone, and even asked his twitter followers on who they’d want to have featured on a second album.

However, we all know how Tom is with some empty promises. For example, no one knows where his “FOUR albums” went in 2016. However, it’s even more improbable due to Blink-182 still thriving with Matt Skiba, as they’re on the road to recording their third album together since DeLonge left the band in 2015. Not only that, Tom himself is working on his own album with his band Angels and Airwaves, as well as running a few companies and working on many projects with To The Stars.

Maybe we won’t get a revived rendition of Box Car Racer, but we might come close with a few tracks on Angels new record coming in 2019.


Woah, okay two members of blink-182 making this list? Yeah, it needs to be addressed. With current fans still on the fence on the new direction with Blink-182 and this new era with lead singer and guitarist Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio, some would suggest that it would be in best intentions that Mark Hoppus and co. leave the bands’ legacy where it is, and to recead to their 2006 sensation, +44.

+44 was one of the best albums to infest the punk rock world. When Your Heart Stops Beating rocked the charts in 2006, and kept going with its pop punk vibe, and dark lyrics from a heart-broken Mark Hoppus. Some may even argue that Hoppus writes his best tracks when under distress. Tracks like “No It Isn’t, and “Lillian” were a ballad for those with a broken heart and nowhere to go. Even if you weren’t sad, this album was universal and is still beloved today.

The band got called back in 2009 when the boys from blink decided to reunite after Travis Barker’s unfortunate plane crash. It was rumored that Hoppus and company were working on a second album, but the re-glued relationships between blink-182 folded that dream. However, Hoppus was asked earlier this year on Twitter if +44 would ever come back and he said “No plans for right now, but we’ll never say never.”

So, what do you think? What bands should’ve made the list? Do you think any of these bands deserve to comeback? Let us know!