Classes are back in session. This means procrastination which leads to late night paper writing and way too early mornings. Now would be the perfect time to pick out the best albums to help get you through the longest school days.

5. Does This Look Infected? – Sum 41
sum 41 does this look infected

This 2002 12-track record is full of fast-paced punk rock songs. The overall atmosphere of this album makes you want to get work done.

Song Suggestion: “Billy Spleen”


4. Dirty Work – All Time Low
all time low dirty work

Released in 2011, this is the perfect mid-semester record to turn to. There is something very soothing about lead vocalist, Alex Gaskarth’s voice, especially when you’re about to have a mid-term mental breakdown. Full of relatable lyrics and pop-punk anthems, it helps you through a rough time.

Song suggestion: “Do You Want Me (Dead?)”


3. Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing – The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing

From start to finish, this 2011 release is strong. Each song’s lyrics are real enough to give listeners chills. Every track is great and you won’t want to skip a single one which is great when you’re studying as you can’t waste time playing with music!

Song suggestion: “My Life As A Pigeon”


2. Infinity On High – Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy Infinity On High

Released in 2007, it’s a perfect mix of old FOB meeting the new. Hitting the feel of pop-rock rather than the pop-punk that we were used to hearing from them. Its fresh vibes gives you the sound you need to focus for your next homework assignment.

Song suggestion: “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race”


1. Where You Want To Be – Taking Back Sunday
Taking Back Sunday Where You Want To Be

This album is a masterpiece. The 2004 release keeps you entertained, each song is unique and keeps you wanting more like most TBS albums. You’ll listen to it over and over again no matter what you’re working on.

Suggested song: “Bonus Mosh Pt.2”

So what do you think? What albums would make your list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Contributed by Tabitha Timms | @TabithaTimmss