Here are five of the latest music videos by some of your favorite bands and musicians.

5) Slipknot – “All Out Life”

After a four-year hiatus, the American heavy metal band comes back with a new song named “All Out Life”, with the music video directed by M. Shawn Crahan “Clown”.

All Out Life’ is a song that is trying to do two things: bring everyone together, but also remind everyone that the past is not something to be discarded with disdain […] All Out Life’ is the anthem that reminds people that it’s not the date on the music – it’s the staying power. – Corey Taylor

4) Night Club – “Schizophrenic”

Released October 31st, Los Angeles-based goth-pop band Night Club bring a new song and video named “Schizophrenic”.


3) Bring Me The Horizon – “Wonderful Life”

“Wonderful Life” is the second song that BMTH released from their upcoming album Amo. This song and music video includes Cradle of Filth’s metal singer, Dani Filth.


2) Melo Moreno – “Watch, Love, Die”

The past October 26, the Spanish multi-instrumentalist Melo Moreno once again astonishes the fandom with her new music video for “Watch, Love, Die” from her new album Colours.

The video visually captures the emotions that are linked to a break: fear, joy, sadness and anger. each scene and each element is worked on these emotions. – Melo Moreno


1) Jonathan Davis – “Basic Needs”

From his 2018 debut album Black Labyrinth, Korn’s vocalist Jonathan Davis brings the official music video for “Basic Needs”.

Basic Needs’ is essentially as close as I get to write a love song. It also gave me a chance to explore different instruments and styles of world music, and step outside of what may be considered ‘the norm.’ The two other videos I’ve released for this record have been telling a story in reverse. This video continues that pattern. – Jonathan Davis