Silverstein is a band that I have known about for years, but I never actually gave them a proper listen. Sometimes, if you want to try to get into a new band, it can be hard to know which songs to start with. While I definitely am not familiar with their entire discography, there are still plenty of songs by them that I have been sharing with friends and playing on repeat. If you are interested in giving them a listen, here are five songs I thought would be great “starter songs” for anyone new to Silverstein.

5) “Smashed Into Pieces”

From their debut album, When Broken Is Easily Fixed, this song is a perfect representation of the band’s original style in both sound and lyrical content. The sound firmly establishes that Silverstein are a post-hardcore band and the lyrics themselves are a dead giveaway that this song was released during the “2000s emo era.”

4) “Smile In Your Sleep”

This is one of the band’s more popular songs from fan-favorite album Discovering The Waterfront. The sound is definitely post-hardcore, while the lyrics can be considered emo. It has a pretty awesome heavy breakdown in the bridge of the song and the meaning itself can be interpreted as knowing that someone you are with and care about is seeing other people behind your back, hence the song title, “smile in your sleep,” because behind the smile are secrets and lies.

3) “Massachusetts”

This song is a great representation of Silverstein’s more recent releases. It narrates a story about a girl who needs to escape from an abusive boyfriend and the courage it takes for her to finally leave him. Not only does it address this serious issue of domestic violence, but it also has an extremely catchy chorus that will make anyone want to sing along. Not a fan of the screaming verses? There’s an acoustic version for you to enjoy just as much.

2) “Call It Karma”

My personal favorite, “Call It Karma,” is a good first Silverstein song for pretty much anyone. I would also say best represents the band’s sound in their earlier releases. It is good a song for “warming up to” heavier music in general. The lyrics couldn’t be more emo and sad, but because many can relate at least once in life, that is what makes the song so good. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the acoustic version as well!

1) “Afterglow”

The song “Afterglow” from the band’s most recent album, Dead Reflection, gives you a brief look into the possible evolution of the band’s sound in future releases. This song is possibly the most pop punk song that the band has ever made. Not only is it faster and upbeat like every pop punk song, the lyrics itself covers a classic theme of remembering the fun times you shared with someone you cared about. If you are more of a pop punk fan, be sure to give this track a listen.

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