Lusting for some extra pop-punk songs? Well you’re in luck! Here are five underrated pop-punk songs that didn’t really hit mainstream charts that’ll cure your angsty needs!

5. “I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)” -Fall Out Boy

This song is one of FOB’s besting-writing, especially in a point where the band focused on fast paced punk rock vibes. It’s a slower along in the midst of a rock revolution, and a perfect mix on their album, From Under The Cork Tree. It seemed to have fallen silent in the album with it’s slow-paced and gentle atmosphere, but it’s still a strong song with a lot of emotional songwriting.


4. “Cut Me, Mick” -Yellowcard

This song should be one of Yellowcard’s famous one’s on a setlist, but it isn’t. It’s been in a few concert set-lists, but this is easily one of their more-underrated songs. It’s an energetic song that brings a sense of humanity to their song-writing, one that kind of lets fans know that sometimes life can get tough, and they can fall just like everyone else. However, there will always be that one person that brigs them right back up.


3. “You’re So Last Summer” -Taking Back Sunday

I know I know, you’re thinking, “underrated? I’ve heard this song before”. Hear me out; while this song was coming out, so did “Cute Without The E”, “Make Damn Sure”, and ” A Decade Under The Influence”. Out of all of those greats songs, this one is the one that sticks out less. It’s riffy, full of angst, and a great jam for getting over someone that used to be close to you.


2. “Pulling Teeth” -Green Day

On one of the biggest albums to hit the pop punk scene, this song falls as one of Green Day’s most underrated songs. It’s a song about a female partner who abuses her male partner, where it keeps getting out of hand as each day passes. It’s a slower song on the fast pace album, which is why it’s believed to be an underrated one. Either way, it’s a great listen!


1. “Online Songs” -Blink-182

While being swallowed up by “First Date”, “The Rock Show”, and “Anthem (Part Two)”, Online Songs is a pop-punk masterpiece that should have, but didn’t go mainstream. It’s a riffy, melodic, catchy song about a guy who wants to re-live the past with a girl but knows he can’t, and glimpses in on the girl who ignores him. It’s one of the best songs to hit the pop-punk scene, and it’s unfortunate that it got swallowed by the greater hits on Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.

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