We’ve all been in a relationship that didn’t last. Whether it ended civilly or in total disaster, it was still over. It’s a big adjustment learning how to live without someone who was such a big part of your life. Here are 7 songs that help getting used to that adjustment.

1. Talk – Against The Current

Talk  is a song about coming to reality. You thought they were the one. They said all these things to make you believe they were the one. But all they did was talk.

2. Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass – All Time Low

While it may not be Christmas all year, this song is a really great one for when dealing with a breakup. You gave someone everything and they’re gone. That’s “kind of crappy” as All Time Low puts it.

3. My Immortal – Evanescence

In one of Evanescence’s most popular songs, the band portrays the story of someone who still lingers. Whether it’s the memory of that person, or the person themselves they may be gone but they still have all of you, they’re still there and they’re still lingering in your mind.

4. Sorry – Halsey

While we don’t always want to admit that the end of a relationship was our fault, sometimes it is. This song is an apology for being the reason it ended.

5. Dearly Departed – Marianas Trench

This is a song that is holding on to the last part of a relationship, holding onto the hope that it doesn’t have to be over. It’s about missing the person you thought you’d spend your life with. It’s okay to not be ready to move on right away.

6. That’s What You Get – Paramore

That’s What You Get is more of an angry breakup song, but it carries more anger for yourself than for the other person. There comes a point after the breakup where you’re so mad at yourself for not seeing it sooner, that’s what this song is perfect for.

7. Miss Mysterious – Set It Off

When you have a relationship where you feel completely betrayed by the person you loved, you don’t know who they are anymore. In Set It Off’s Miss Mysterious they explain that exact feeling perfectly.