Pop punk band, Real Friends have been on fire this summer. With the release of The Home Inside My Head on May 27th and playing the main stages on the Vans Warped Tour, now would be the perfect time to take a look at some of their lyrics that really hit home for a lot of listeners.

7. “Let’s keep lying next to each other/while we lie to ourselves/we say that this feels right./Our hipbones touch/and I know we’re disconnected.”

Out of “Keep Lying To Me,” if you’ve ever been in a relationship that you know is over, but you’re afraid to end it, this line will give you chills.

6. “I’m tired, oh I’m tired/of being a scapegoat for your bad days.”

Out of “Stay In One Place,” we’ve all had one person in our lives that’s in a terrible mood and ruins your day.

5. “Am I trying to forget you/or just cover you up?”

Out of “Cover You Up,” when you’re put in a situation where its easier to just throw a sheet over what lingers in the back of your mind, rather than actually move on from it. This lyric sums up that feeling.

4. “I’m a little worn out/since you fucking tore me down.”

Out of “Summer,” rebuilding yourself after someone or something has taken a piece of you can be extremely tiring.

3. “I’m not where I should be/I’m not what I could be/but I’m not who I was.”

Out of “Late Nights In My Car,” when you’re bettering yourself and you’re making progress but you’re not  as bad as you were. This line gets it.

2. “Last year I was a train wreck/now I’m just a mess.”

Off of “Mess,” it’s better to be a mess than just a complete train wreck right?

1.  “If you never break/you’ll never know how/to put yourself back together.”

Another one out of “Late Nights In My Car,” telling us that everything happens for a reason and will make us stronger.



Contributed by Tabitha Timms | @TabithaTimmss