A Day to Remember sat down with Kerrang to talk about their new album, Bad Vibrations:

“In the past it’s been [about balance]. We’ve sometimes had trouble writing enough heavy songs. That was an issue on Common Courtesy and What Separates… It just wasn’t happening naturally on those records. And we’re never the sort of guys who’ll just throw a heavy song together. We’re always 100 per cent behind every song that we put on the record. Every song is put together meticulously. Regardless of what people think when they hear it, for us there is no filler. But on this record, however, it’s more heavy than the last three put together. There’re a lot of heavy songs on there. And we branch out in a bunch of ways, too. This record is like a rollercoaster ride to me when you’re looking at it. There’re hills. There’re valleys. And they bounce off of each other. It’s kind of like you’re listening to a radio station that’s playing metal, then punk, then rock, then pop-punk. It just kinda’ bounces back and forth and it’s got a flow.”