There’s been a ton of speculation recently in regards to My Chemical Romance and a possible reunion tour lately. Yes, again.

The band teased fans in 2016 about a reunion tour when they posted a video for the tenth anniversary of The Black Parade, but came out with a statement apologizing for the confusion.

In the past couple weeks, the bands’ Youtube account uploading many behind the scenes access to several of their music videos. They did the same thing almost a year ago too, uploading different versions of songs on TBP.

Now, in past few days, people have noticed a page on MCR’s website titled, “MCRX TOUR” at the top, and a description claiming, “Check back soon for more details on the upcoming tour.” look at the photo below.

Not to burst anyones bubble, but the band has stated in recent years that they have no interest as of now to get back together and tour. Their website teased a tour with a page similar to this one in 2016 as well, and nothing happened.

Also, MCR fans are definitely skeptical:

I wouldn’t get too excited, especially since the band hasn’t made an official claim about any of this. If they do post something, I’m sure it’ll be nothing but disappointment. This whole spiel seems to be something nice MCR is doing for it’s loyal fans.

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