Fans of emo everywhere are anxiously awaiting Frank Iero and the Patience’s new EP which is to be released September 22nd. What makes this EP just so important? Well, it’s deemed to be the bridge between the band’s first and second album. Let me just say: it does not disappoint.

Under the amazing influence of Steve Albini, Keep the Coffins Coming highlights elements of 90s and early 2000s soft grunge with the strong vibes of modern emo. Frank Iero notes that this EP is, in fact, extremely special to him. “I got to record an EP with my friends and one of my heroes in this, like, giant firehouse building in Chicago. The EP is this missing link between Stomachaches and Parachutes. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It’s fuckin’ awesome!”

The interesting part of this EP is the stark contrast to Frank Iero’s former bandmate’s music. Following the separation of My Chemical Romance, the former iconic emo squad went separate ways in their music careers. Gerard Way’s release of  Hesitant Alien surprised many fans, who mostly ultimately fell victim of the new emo movement and came to accept this music. And while Gerard Way’s album is amazing in its own right, Frank Iero and the Patience has produced an EP so categorically different, that it stands to remind fans of the beauty of the old punk era. It takes you back to the world where CBGB was still standing and punk was still out of the mainstream.

For those punk heavy fans, prepare to find yourself thrown into nostalgia when you first hear the beats of your new emo anthem album.

“I’m A Mess”

Imagine pure Billie Joe Armstrong angst toppling over every single lyric of this song. If you’re looking for something to mosh to and scream with the utmost relatability, this is your song. With riffs that never cease to build dramatic suspension and tension, “I’m A Mess” is a classic punk masterpiece.


This song is everything Nirvana could have been. And while that statement is extremely sad to fully comprehend, it is my firm belief that it would make Kurt Cobain proud. The strange dynamic of echoed vocals paired with rhythmic grunge guitar reminds me of why I fell in love with alternative music, to begin with.

“No Fun Club”

The only song on the EP that relates to My Chemical Romance or Hesitant Alien in any way is “No Fun Club”. The song is a mixture of upbeat instrumental and whiney vocals that make anyone just want to get up and dance their problems away. In an immediate scream, the song takes off, transporting fans to a sense of unleashed aggression. This is one that is sure to leave you stunned.

“You Are My Sunshine”

Perhaps the most surprising song on the EP, “You Are My Sunshine” stands as a simplistic yet warming cover. The Jimmie Davis original is remastered by Frank Iero and the Patience who has “rockified” a country/folk classic. The most notable part is how Iero puts his all into the song and pulls passion out of an old retired American favorite. The ache in his voice and the tone of the song gives a new meaning to this classic.

Keep the Coffins Coming isn’t stuck in the past, but instead reinventing it for the future. This is the direction we need to see the pop punk world moving if we want to hold on to anything that is punk rock. Frank Iero and the Patience is about to release an EP that is one of the few shining beacons of punk left in our culture. Are you ready for it?