As the year comes to a close, Icarus the Owl will debut Rearm Circuits on December 1st, promising a mere beginning in this era of the band’s life. With a sound of growth, Icarus the Owl will show fans a new, yet familiar side of their music. Each song is a well-crafted reminder of the enchantment that comes with rooted and grounded music. Icarus the Owl has produced what can only be understood as one of the purest albums in a long time, built with passion and emotion that can only scarcely be found in our music scene. The beauty of warm instrumentals with smooth, uncut vocals provides fans with a truly well-rounded focus.

Some of the most noteworthy songs that fans will get access to in only a couple of weeks are:

“Dream Shade”//


If you ever find yourself caught up in someone’s love as if it were a never-ending maze, then this song should speak to you. It is written with nothing by true emotion and blended into a hypnotic melody. The only way to truly capture the essence of the song is to say it was like a jam session gone right, put down on paper, and produced for the fans to hear. Every beat is so smoothly adjacent to the next that it’s easy to lose yourself in the song, just as you would your own love.

“The Vanishing Point”//

With the immediate images of burning, hiding, and danger, an electric sense of wanting to break away wraps itself through this song. Icarus the Owl demonstrates great control over their overall dynamics and sound. Their ability to lead listeners through a journey by bringing them through pivotal climaxes in the song to nail down the message is what sets this song (and furthermore this album) apart from many others released this year.

“Coma Dreams”//

A pleading love ballad is in the books for Icarus the Owl. The beauty of a deep bass creates an echoing, well-paralleled song which leaves listeners with a sense of “us against the world”. True romantic with a sense of longing should keep their ears open for this one.


With the groove of The Wrecks and the classic Icarus the Owl iconic warmth, DoubleSleep becomes a mesmerizing work of art from the very beginning. Pop undertones are quickly apparent in the sound of the song, but in a way that is sure to entrance any listener. Close your eyes and let yourself dream with DoubleSleep, a song that can do only good for you.

“Do Not Resuscitate”//

In stark contrast to the previous song, Do Not Resuscitate shows the darker side of the album. The song begins full force with a strong beat and the harshest vocals of any song on the album. Underlying metal influence makes this song a rallying cry. For me, it brings me back to the post-classic modern rock era of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Do Not Resuscitate is sure to be a fan favorite.

Go ahead and pre-order Rearm Circuits on iTunes and get ready for its release on December 1st. It’s not something you’ll regret.