A 24-year old woman, Rachel Holley, was recently denied entry into Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA because of a band t-shirt she was wearing. The band? Pop-punkers Handguns.

The shirt displays the band’s name in a Rugrats font on the front of the shirt.

handguns t-shirt

“[I was told] if a kid were to see this shirt, they might think that guns are OK,” she recalled. “I felt like a criminal.”

Rachel said she was told she had to leave the park and come back in a new shirt if she wanted entry that day. When she asked if she could simply turn the shirt inside out, she said she was told “no.”

Rachel said she left the park, bought a new shirt, and was ultimately allowed into Busch Gardens for the day.

“I found it hypocritical,” she explained. “As soon as I walked into the park and saw [other t-shirts and toy weapons for sale] that were the same level, if not worse than what I had on my shirt.”

Busch Gardens has since released a statement:

In keeping with the family image of Busch Gardens®, guests must wear appropriate clothing while in the park. Shirts, shoes, and pants must be worn at all times. Clothing with suggestive or explicit language or insulting statements is not allowed. Busch Gardens reserves the right to refuse admission or ask anyone to leave who is not in compliance with these rules.

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