Dance-pop duo Adam & Steve have teamed up with Awsten Knight, lead vocalist from pop-punk band Waterparks, to release an amazing new track called “Rainy Days In LA.” The new song bounces back and forth from emotional, melodic vocals from Knight and a fun dance-pop anthem courtesy of Adam & Steve.

The song follows the singer as they question a previous relationship. The lyrics seem to indicate that despite it ending a while ago, the person is still struggling to move on. The heartfelt lyrics, combined with Knight’s stunning vocals and astonishing beats from Adam & Steve has perfectly created an enchanting masterpiece.

“Rainy Days In LA” is the third single Adam & Steve have released since late last year. Internet personality Elijah Daniels and Billboard-Charting producer Sam F created the group with the goal of “striving to engage their audience with heartfelt lyrics and captivating beats, simultaneously opening up a voice for the LGBTQ community in dance music.”

Waterparks have not released anything since their previous album, Entertainment, from January 2018. They are currently touring with ONE OK ROCK and Stand Atlantic. In May, the band will be in the U.K. for Slam Dunk.