One Flew West just dropped their new EP Trial and Error today (January 26th) and we had a chance to catch up with them to discuss the new EP, growing their fan base and where they draw their inspiration from.

Your newest track, “Trial & Error” has been added to Spotify’s Pop Punk’s Not Dead, which is followed by over 200,000 people, how has that helped the growth of your fan base?

The track being added to “Pop Punks Not Dead” has been seriously helpful for us. With online streaming becoming more and more popular, it gets a lot harder for smaller bands like us to stand out and get noticed in the big scheme of things. Getting added to playlists like PPND is invaluable for us because it exposes us to people who have never heard us before and most likely would have never found us otherwise. 

With the new EP, Trial & Error dropping on Jan. 26, which is your favorite song off of it?

While we each have our own favorites on the EP, I would have to say that my favorite track is ” What Do I Know.” Its a song that I just had a ton of fun writing and it really encapsulates the feeling of growing up and the difficulty that comes with pursuing something you love, even if it goes against the grain. 

Is there anything about the EP that you would like to change?

Honestly, no. Not this time around. I have had plenty of problems with the stuff that we have released in the past, but this EP is without a doubt my favorite thing we have ever done. I suppose time will tell though, there are always little things that end up standing out as time goes on. 

Your Selective Memory EP is very catchy and well leveled out with acoustic tracks. Who are some of your biggest influences?

From a songwriting perspective, I have always been influenced by early country and folk stuff (Johnny cash, willie nelson, etc) However, I would say that David Bowie is the biggest influence for me just because that was the first time that i had ever heard someone using an acoustic guitar for the rhythm in a traditional rock setup. I loved the way it sounded and that setup has always been the way I feel the most comfortable. I also listen to a ton of metal, hardcore and punk and I like to try and bring some of that attitude into the music as well.

Both, the songs off Selective Memory and the new single “Trial & Error” have quick, tongue and cheek lyrics. Where do you get your lyrical inspiration?

For the lyrics, there isn’t really a specific place that I draw inspiration from. I always try to be as honest and straightforward with the lyrics as I can and at the end of the day, I just try and have fun with it. I think that’s where the tongue and cheek aspect comes from.

What kind of momentum did the band gain from winning CBS Denver’s Band To Watch award?

Getting that award was totally awesome just because of the word of mouth that it generated for us. Having an accredited company like CBS endorse us was a pretty big deal and it tacked a lot of credibility onto our name that wasn’t there before. We have had a few honorable mentions over the years but none of them are still being talked about like the CBS one.

You’ve played plenty of venues, what has been your favorite show to play?

This one is a no brainer. I actually have 2 favorite shows and they happened back to back over one weekend. The first one was an opening gig for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at the summit music hall in Denver. Their fans just totally resonated with us and it was one of the most responsive crowds we have ever played for. The next day, we played a totally insane show inside a church for this festival called the westword music showcase. The room was totally packed and it was one of the rowdiest shows we have ever done.

Check out the band’s new EP below!