As It Is has been hinting at a new project through vague Instagram and Twitter posts all week and have finally revealed their newest project. These posts have led up to the announcement of their third full length album The Great Depression, which will be released on August 10th. The band also dropped a new single accompanied by a music video entitled “The Wounded World.”

The music video shows the world we live in where everyone is disconnected from each other by living with their headphones in and their heads buried in their electronics. No one is listening to each other, therefore no one is helping each other so we are all to blame for the “wounded world”

According to a letter penned by the band, the album itself will focus on “the societal romanticisation of depression, the disrepair of present-day human connection” and bring awareness to mental health. The letter also states the band will be working with non-profits and donating to causes in order to create positive changes in the world.

You can read the full statement and watch the video for their new single below:

You can pre-order the album at