Do you need some new music to listen to? The All Punked Up team are here to share what we can’t stop playing on repeat. Whether the album is old or new, here is what we’ve been listening to and what we think you should check out!


How Will You Know If You Never Try (2017) by COIN

“Paramore announced a new Nashville-based festival called Art & Friends (which is taking place on September 7th), and with it a few bands that will play on it. One of those bands is COIN, and I was surprised to hear their sound. With heavily influenced 80s rhythms, COIN manages to create really upbeat and energetic songs while maintaining a lot of rock elements. ‘Talk Too Much’ is my personal favorite as of right now. I highly recommend this band that is growing more and more as days pass.” – Chevy


Scary World (2018) by Night Club

Scary World is the new album released this past August by the California goth pop band, Night Club. This album is the darkest face of the band, composed by catchy and dance melodies, beats and rhythms on the hands of Mark Brooks and chewed and spit, truly deep and dark lyrics by the sweet voice of Emily Kavanaugh. This album definitely represents Night Club and I totally recommend them to you.” – Camila


Damaged (1981) by Black Flag

“I’ve been delving into some old school stuff lately, and there are few albums that better depict the punk origin story than Black Flag’s Damaged. It’s super intense, super angry, and super chaotic. It pretty much transports you to a dim, dingy club where dodging errant fists and beer bottles takes precedent over watching the band itself. Damaged is an exhilarating swan dive into the unhinged murk of early-80s LA hardcore, and I don’t recommend listening to it in the presence of breakables and sharp objects.” – Andrew


Love and Loathing (2018) by With Confidence

“Among the constant stream of music that traveled through my headphones this month, the new With Confidence album that dropped on August 10th, Love and Loathing, has been my go to. One aspect that I thought the band did particularly well with this album was the amount of depth and lyrical imagery of each song, a fact that really captured my attention the first time I listened to the album. My favorite song is ‘The Turnaround’ because I tend to be stressed and worried about the future and whether I am doing everything I need to be; this song’s upbeat production and reassuring lyrics bring a smile to my face every time I hear it.” – Tatiana


The Drug In Me Is You (2011) by Falling In Reverse

“The album I’ve had on repeat lately is The Drug In Me Is You by Falling In Reverse. This album was released in 2011, but I have just again recently had it stuck on repeat. The album encompasses that classic Falling In Reverse sound, showcasing Ronnie Radke’s vocals. The tracks are all catchy and fun to listen to, especially the title track of the album ‘The Drug In Me Is You’ and ‘I’m Not a Vampire’. When listening to the album, if you’ve ever seen Falling In Reverse live, it’s so easy to picture how Ronnie would be commanding the stage with each track.” – Natalie


Lake Effect Kid (2018) by Fall Out Boy

“I haven’t stopped listening to this since it came out. Fall Out Boy’s Lake Effect Kid EP is a tribute the band’s hometown and showcases a different era of the band in just three tracks. From bringing back the band’s signature sound on ‘Lake Effect Kid’ to a mix of the new and old on ‘City In The Garden’ and finally the MAINIA-esque ‘Super Fade’, Lake Effect Kid is a fantastic strong EP that makes me excited for the band’s future.” – Ian


Joy, Departed (2015) by Sorority Noise

“Listening to an album that you used to love when you’re now in an entirely different place in your life is some sort of surreal experience. This month, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Joy, Departed by Sorority Noise, which to me was an album that resonated with the feeling of aching emptiness caused by filling yourself up with the happiness of other people and not with your own self worth. If you’re looking for a nostalgia builder this is, let the album remind you what it was to be without.” – Alex