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our top 10 senses fail songs

Our Top 10 Senses Fail Songs

With Senses Fail celebrating 15 years as a band, what would be more appropriate than to list some of our all-time favorite Senses Fail songs? While this Top 10 ...
why i go to concerts alone

Why I go to concerts alone

“I’m going to a concert tonight!” “Oh, really?  With who?” “Just myself.” “Oh.  Why?” That's the reaction I get 90% of the time when I tell someone ...
our top 10 sum 41 songs

Our Top 10 Sum 41 Songs

In the fall of 2016, Canadian rock band Sum 41 made a comeback with the long awaited release of their sixth studio album 13 Voices. As an influential and iconic...
8 underrated All Time Low songs

8 Underrated All Time Low Songs

Of course everyone knows "Dear Maria, Count Me In," but how familiar are you with their hidden gems? In no particular order, here are eight underrated All Time ...
12 underrated yellowcard songs

12 Underrated Yellowcard Songs

It is undeniable that Yellowcard was a major player of the 2000s pop-punk scene. Sure, you may know their all-time hits like “Ocean Avenue” and “Only One,” you ...
Jina Bute

Jina Bute


I'm a pop-punk concert enthusiast with the love to travel.