Jina Bute

our top 7 brand new songs

Our top 7 Brand New songs

The band is allegedly calling it quits in 2018, so with about a year left of their career as a band, here are our top 7 Brand New songs.
7 songs to celebrate summer

7 songs to celebrate summer

To celebrate the spirit of summer, regardless of where you are, here are seven songs I think are perfect for your summer playlist.
our top 10 senses fail songs

Our Top 10 Senses Fail Songs

With Senses Fail celebrating 15 years as a band, what would be more appropriate than to list some of our all-time favorite Senses Fail songs? While this Top 10 ...
why i go to concerts alone

Why I go to concerts alone

“I’m going to a concert tonight!” “Oh, really?  With who?” “Just myself.” “Oh.  Why?” That's the reaction I get 90% of the time when I tell someone ...
Jina Bute

Jina Bute


I'm a pop-punk concert enthusiast with the love to travel.