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Best Pop Punk Bands To See Live

Pop punk has been around for a long time. There have been a handful of bands who have paved the way to glory, getting fans to buy tickets to live shows in any c...

Is This Blink-182 Demo Real?

Whenever you have a band that's been around for 20-plus years, you're bound to come across some demos that never surfaced on an album. For some bands, their rec...

4 bands that NEED to be revived

There’s nothing worse than having a band calling the quits, especially when their music is raw, tenured, and everlasting no matter how long they’ve been apart. ...
5 underrated pop punk songs

5 underrated pop punk songs

Lusting for some extra pop punk songs? Well you're in luck! Here are five underrated pop-punk songs that didn't really hit mainstream charts that'll cure your angsty needs!
our christmas wish list for 2017

Our Christmas Wish List For 2017

Christmas is approaching soon, which begs me to ask if you have sent your letter to Santa yet? If you haven't, let's do it together and formulate a Christmas wi...
John Aubert

John Aubert


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