Awake At Last is an alternative rock band from Dover, DE. We got the chance to catch up with vocalist Vince Torres to talk music, start-up labels and everything else in between.

With having 3 self-released crisp sounding EPs, many self-booked tours and an ever-growing fan base, what is it like taking on this music industry on your own?

It’s been an amazing journey slowly coming up in this ever-changing music industry.  By doing everything ourselves and maintaining one-on-one customer interactions with our family, friends and fans, I feel so blessed to be able to continue to do it and sustain ourselves while we have been moving along.  I take a lot of pride in what we’ve been able to accomplish and as we continue to keep setting goals and achieving them I think we can continue to do so.

What is your favorite and least favorite part about being part of a start-up independent band?

My favorite part is the ability to maintain a steady connection with the people who help fuel the project.  My least favorite part is that sometimes I think we miss out on certain opportunities by not having a big name behind us.  

Any advice for bands trying to start their own start-up DIY project?

I would say to not just learn your instrument and think that by writing songs and playing shows that things will just happen.  It takes a lot of time. But if you’re willing to put the time in, I think things do always eventually pay off.  Also learn different roles to play in the industry as well.  It’s always good to know how things work behind the curtain.  And make sure the people you’re playing with are as dedicated to the cause as you are and can work toward the goals together on the same page.

You can hear the musical and lyrical growth between EPs. How do you keep things sounding unique so that you’re not writing the same song over and over again?

Every time we decided to put out a new project it’s always after we’ve all experienced significant change in our lives and each message corresponds with the obstacles and goals we’ve overcome and set for ourselves.  We always want to evolve as a band and continue to challenge ourselves and really home in on what kind of music we want to create.

Off you’re newest EP Life/Death/Rebirth, which song was your favorite to record?

I think I’d have to say “Purgatorium” was my favorite to record because there were a lot of shifts in the song that challenged me to use different sides of my voice.  I love trying new things and seeing how I can change my voice up with the different songs.  And the adlibbed La la la part was a lot of fun.

Is there anything about Life/Death/Rebirth that you would want to change?

Not necessarily. I think the record came out great.  I guess if i was going to change anything I’d maybe include some talking parts to tell the story a bit better and maybe worked in some more interludes.  But for the most part I think the band tells the story the way we wanted it to.

While making any of your EPs do you ever run into any disagreements?

I don’t think we run into too many disagreements.  Before we decide to move in a new creative direction for the band we’re pretty good about discussing and making sure everyone is on the same page and everyone has something specific they want to bring to the concept.  

Who would be your biggest musical influences?

I think we all take musical influence from multiple sources, but for Life.Death.Rebirth I usually tell people we’re a mixture of My Chemical Romance, Muse, Killswitch Engage, and a hint of Danny Elfman influence.

What is something you would want listeners to take away from your lyrics?

I really hope that people find strength in the words and it helps them overcome the kind of obstacles in life that I sing about.  Anxiety, depression, that feeling of never being good enough is a manifestation of our own fears and insecurities and I hope people can take a step back and see the big picture when it comes to things and get out of their own way to accomplish amazing things.

Which is your favorite city to tour in?

We all really love a lot of the cities in Ohio.  I feel like Ohio has been very welcoming to us and we’ve been able to really make an impact there.  But we love all the cities we tour in for different reasons.  We’ve met some amazing people and it’s always awesome to go back and see them again and interact with them!

What is your favorite song to play live?

Personally my favorite song to play live is the song Dark Waltz off the new record Life.Death.Rebirth.  It has a great dance vibe to it and a lot of people respond great to it and jump and dance around.  It makes for a great time!

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