Blink-182 frontman Matt Skiba has some bad news for its fans. Yes, worse than their cancelled upcoming fall tour due to Travis Barker’s health conditions.

In an interview with Billboard regarding Alkaline Trio’s latest album, Is This Thing Cursed?, Skiba was asked about Blink’s newest album and what he could share about it thus far. The response is more concerning than not.

“We’ve been working in the studio. What is going to happen is sort of up for grabs — yet to be determined. As far as the studio stuff, we have a bunch of great stuff written with [producer and co-writer] John Feldmann that we’ve been working on. So I am not quite sure how or when we’re going to go about finishing that. [Drummer] Travis [Barker] has been dealing with blood clots in his arms, and I’ve been unable to play, so I think we’re gonna go out and play these [Blink-182] shows we have coming up [later in Sept. 2018]. We’ll see how that goes, and from there we’ll determine how we’ll go about finishing this album.”

It seems as if the band is going to have to put the brakes on the album as far as drumming is concerned and as fans, we can only wish Travis Barker a speedy recovery.

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