In the latest episode of the Strange Nerve podcast, host Taylor Madison had guests Luke Schwarts of post-hardcore Connecticut band Make Do and Mend and Jon Simmons of Philly hardcore band Balance and Composure for what was supposed to be a fun episode. That is until the 25-minute mark though, Jon discusses the band’s impending breakup in the new year, their upcoming final tour to celebrate 10 years of Balance and Composure, and how there is no bad blood between band members.

The band has yet to release an official statement, but Jon has confirmed it in a tweet, which can be seen below. Although this is a bummer, Balance and Composure have released three full-length LPs — Separation (2011), The Things We Think We’re Missing (2013) and Light We Made (2016) — and have made a long-lasting impact in the Philadelphia hardcore scene, in music in general and their evolving sound will surely be missed.

If you’re on the east coast and would like to catch Balance and Composure’s final shows for the foreseeable future, check out tour dates here.

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