Balance and Composure were involved in a 2013 crash while on tour. They wound up totaling their trailer and van. They opened up about the incident for the first time to Entertainment Weekly.

Drummer Bailey Van Ellis describes:

“The one time in my life I was pretty certain I was going to die.

They hadn’t painted the road yet so there wasn’t a white marker to show where the lane ended and the shoulder began. The road shifted and I didn’t know because there wasn’t a white line to indicate that.

Half the van went onto the shoulder and there wasn’t a rubber strip or anything. I tried getting the left side of the van back onto the asphalt and as soon as the left rear tire hit the asphalt, the entire trailer fishtailed out and we cut across into the right lane.

For some reason there was a 10-foot patch on the highway with no guardrail. It was literally just a 10-foot opening. We went right through it. We flew off the side of the road and it just dropped straight down into a ravine. We fell 75 feet and ended up 120 or 125 feet from the side of the road.

The severity of falling through this guardrail, I think it just shook us to the point where no one wanted to think about touring or being on the road in any capacity.”

A week later that band decided to hit the road again. Fifteen minutes away from where their van crashed a week prior, they hit a deer.

“It was super freaky. I think at that point everyone wanted to go home. I pulled over and was like I’m not driving for a while.”

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