If you’re in a major indie/alternative music vibe kick like most of the world, then this band is about to be your new love. Step aside Arctic Monkeys, Lo Moon might just be the next band to ride the indie train and make it to the top.

After seeing Lo Moon perform at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, I was absolutely hooked. I went in with little to no knowledge of the band but left with a full heart and happy mind.

If you listen to Lo Moon’s music casually via streaming to taste them out, you’ll get a very different experience than when you see them live in full force. Their music tends to be more mellow, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing, obviously. However, it is worth noting that the electricity, when performed live, is a completely different feeling. The interludes and upbeat feeling of force that ties the crowd together creates a sense of balance and security.

That brings me to what I thought was the most interesting part of the night: the crowd itself. The demographic the Lo Moon fans was vast. With people there from all age groups and walks of life, I could see a real revival in the belief that we can all be connected by music despite our differing backgrounds.

Particularly awe-inspiring to me was the female representation in the band, which is something severely lacking in the music industry as a whole. As I attended the concert with one of my soon-to-be sorority sisters, we were both happy to see ourselves reflected in a member of the band.

I see Lo Moon only going up. They fit perfectly among bands like Arctic Monkeys, Death Cab for Cutie, and Portugal. the Man that have all infiltrated the mainstream music, but have managed to retain their unique sound. Lo Moon is signed to Columbia Records which leaves me with no doubt in my mind that they are about to explode and grace everyone with their talent.

If I were you, I’d jump on the Lo Moon train fast before they become too big to reach.