Anyone who has ever been in a band, speaks about that experience as one that has marked their entire life. Whenever I have the chance to talk with someone who’s been in a band or if I read/watch interviews from band members about their lives in the music industry, I’ve noticed that what they say sounds similar to that of being part of a sports team.

I have never been in a band (this one of the biggest frustrations of my life) but I have been in sports teams so I dare to say that I know the feeling, at least at some levels. And so I am here to defend the so called “Bandceptions”, which is basically a term that refers to songs in which bands sing about themselves.

Let’s start with an example. Paramore’s entire catalogue can be heard as a diary of the band’s journey, but “Looking Up” is the clearest example of it.

This song from Brand New Eyes is one that speaks about the band’s struggle before making this album and how they thought about quitting but didn’t. If I had to pick a song that described Paramore’s journey as a band, this would be it.

But besides Paramore, there are plenty of bands that explicitly compose and sing about their experiences as bands. So why do people complain about it sometimes?

I don’t get it. If anything, I find it utterly personal that bands have the courage to sing about themselves. Sure, these are not the songs that make it to radio stations most of the times, but they are a statement on what their life is about and are a link to the most avid fans that will find a deeper connection by singing along with those lyrics that mean so much to the band.

Here are two other examples:

“Bandceptions” deserve that fans sing their lungs out and make them feel like their journey as a group—and not only their music—is important.

These types of songs make the bands more human, more normal… Which is just what they are, like any of us.