Quick, choppy, raw. Be prepared for British punk band Barcreeps as their new EP has just dropped. Eponymous EP focuses on the heavy elements of old-school punk, taking us back to our roots, but not in a comical hipster way.

These guys prove to be genuinely focused on building something, not molding something. Too often in mainstream media do we see amazing artists bound by constraints, but not Barcreeps. Their new EP proves that they can stick it to the modern status-quo and embody the meaning of punk music: self-drive and determination.

Leading the EP is the single “Joey Smokes”, a personal favorite. Tracing and analyzing modern outlook on life and pairing this depressed state with strong, powerful music highlights the key aspects of our society and our inability to dismantle our facades.

“You wanna see the end of the world but he don’t wanna back down / Joey’s choking on his heart”

Barcreeps doesn’t buy into music as being ‘just a catchy tune’. Each of their songs grow off of the last and leave listeners wowed. There’s no point in catchy jingles or morphing to what’s played on the radio if you lose your musicality, your passion. Barcreeps’s motive in music isn’t fame, but is taking what they learn from the world around them and portraying that in a way that will mean something to someone.

Imagine a roughed up Blink-182 and you’ll find Barcreeps’s sound. The diction and raw rock in their work makes it clear that they draw roots from bands like Bad Religion. Barcreeps is pure punk music; their twitter bio even emphasizes the punk mantra: “Four dudes, four chords, fast and furious punk.”

Barcreeps reminds us now more than ever to get up and get furious. Talk about the world around you, write about the world around you because Barcreeps is making music about their world.

You can get this relatable, raw EP now. Take a listen below.


Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie