From the U.K, to the suburbs of Chicago, the two great bands Better Days and Wayside Story have collaborated with a brand new split EP that’s been released today (June 30th).

Better Days is a pop punk band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. They started out in February 2016 and have been rolling out amazing hits ever since, shocking crowds and igniting the airwaves wherever they go to preform. With sounds like Less Than Jake and Seaway, what’s not to like about them? Also, if you missed our exclusive interview with Better Days in April, click here to get to know their music, as well as their talent!

Wayside Story is a band that has taken the competitive Chicago punk scene by storm with their magical touch and sounds. Since the spring of 2015, the band has risen with their wacky on stage antics, energetic sound, and creative lyrics. With the likes of Blink-182, Yellow Card, State Champs, and Neck Deep, they’re golden in the punk scene.

These two bands had a great idea while clashing together. It’s an EP that is going to shock the punk scene not only with great creativeness, but with the likes of the aforementioned bands that molded them into who they are today.

The two bands decided to collaborate and make some creative tunes from two different worlds. Although they’re both punk, both bands bring unique sounds that collide so easily and with great taste.

“We’re all really stoked about it,” said Graeme from Better Days. He continued, “We’re signed to the same management so it came together pretty naturally and we think people are really going to like what they hear from the both of us!”

Both bands have been sharing their excitement on social media, where they’ve been rightfully hyping up this collaborative EP.

Check it out for yourself below!

To download for free, click here.

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