A new edition of Beyond Punk is here and we come with different sounds this time. Do you like Rock? And Pop? We have something from both worlds.

Combat Sports by The Vaccines — Suggested by Chevy

More of this rock, please! The Vaccines, a British indie rock band with less than a decade existing, have just come out with a new album called Combat Sports and they do an amazing job at bringing rock to our current days. Songs like “I Can’t Quit”, “Your Love Is My Favourite Band” and “Nightclub” really highlight the energy of the band, as well as their unique sound. Definitely, a must listen for anyone who likes rock and feels like it’s getting forgotten. It’s not.

Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition by One Direction — Suggested by Alex West

One Direction might be in a [long] hiatus, but Alex knows and believes it’s never a bad time to listen to One Direction. If there’s an album I really enjoy as a whole by the British band is Take Me Home, since it shows their versatility with slow and really energetic songs, along with some of the catchiest sounds I’ve ever heard.

The Chainsmokers — Suggested by Tabitha Timms

I’m not picking their only album here, but mostly their singles since they are their best work so far. The Chainsmokers might not be of everyone’s likes, especially since their music has been criticized for how simple it is and even how much of a copy it sounds sometimes (you be the judge); but you can’t deny their songs stick on many people’s heads.

Muse — Suggested by Jina Bute

Muse have come a long way with their unique sound, and how to forget their 2006 album featuring Supermassive Black Hole (part of the Twilight Soundtrack as well). Black Holes and Revelations is a great album that made us thrive with their sound.

Life in Real Time by Paradise Fears — Suggested by Victoria Yenzer

The 2015 album by Paradise Fears delivers really pleasant sounds that make you want to dance. And to be honest, this album sounds like 2017 material, so fresh!