Seems like Blink-182 might just be experimenting after all!

In a recent AMA on Reddit, The Chainsmokers were asked if they’d consider collaborating with their childhood idols, Blink-182; who were famously featured in their hit song “Closer”.

Well in response to that question, here’s what they had to say!

“We’ve actually been talking to blink 182 about doing a song which would be rad since they’ve been big influences on our lives since we were little. Travis Barker played with us at the AMA’s last year which was dope. As far as doing any remixes – we’re currently more focused on producing original music. We could do a remix but I feel like you have to be able to add something to the song when you do a remix.”

Pretty neat! Maybe we might get to hear Mark Hoppus in a Chainsmokers song!

View the entire AMA here:

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