Blink-182 co-founder Mark Hoppus recently sat down with Music Feeds for an interview. Most everyone knows by now that Blink had upwards of 30 songs already written before bringing in producer John Feldman for collaboration. Two months after bringing Feldman aboard, the band wrote 26 more songs in only 2 months!

Mark explains how that was possible:

“…we met up with him and we played him all of the songs and he said “Cool. There are some cool ideas here. Why don’t you guys come to my studio tomorrow and start an idea from scratch and we’ll see what we come up with.” So we went over to his studio the next day and started writing a song which became Bored To Death and we wrote that song and another song the first day. We went back the next day and wrote two more songs.

We kept writing and writing and writing and, in the period of about a month and a half or two months, we’d written 26 brand new songs from scratch and those became the California album and the other songs are just sitting on a hard drive somewhere still.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.