Last week, Blink 182 released their newest single “6/8” which is apart of their deluxe version of 2016’s studio album, California. The band released a lyric video for the song, but left out some background vocals by lead singer Matt Skiba.

In the song, Skiba is heard mumbling something in the background when bassist Mark Hoppus is singing some of the choruses and verses in the song.

After wondering what the lyrics where, I stumbled upon many comments on Blink-182’s reddit page, as well as and found some controversial lyrics.

blink 182 6-8 lyrics

The lyrics aren’t official, but after going back and listening to the song, this seems pretty accurate.

The lyrics are obviously Matt lashing out against his critics that have belligerently battered him on social media platforms, saying he’s boring, disappointing, and lacks personality.

To be completely honest, he has every right to lash out and speak his mind through his music, as the bands’ fan base hasn’t been so loyal to the guy who allowed this band to carry on with their musical creativity after Tom DeLonge’s departure.

Check out the song below.