Alex DeLeon, former lead singer of The Cab, has announced his first solo album under the name Bohnes and has released the album artwork. The album titled 206 – Act One will be released on March 30th.

In an open letter to those who subscribe to his Coffin Club emails, DeLeon explains the symbolism behind the album title:

I traveled to 75 countries. I met people. I heard their stories. I felt empathy. I gained knowledge. I gained perspective. The wildest part of all was that along this journey a crazy thing happened… I found my bones.

I discovered who I was. I found what I was underneath. Under all the scars… under the light… under the darkness… under it all. For the first time I saw my bones.

There are 206 of them in me. Together they make who I am. Who I have been… and most importantly, who I was meant to be.

That is what wrote this album. I wrote this album about my bones in hopes that it would encourage people to find their own.

Bohnes has released three singles so far, ‘Six Feet Under,’ ‘My Friends,’ and ‘702′. You can watch the music videos to ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘My Friends’ below.