Breathe Carolina have went with a stylistic change when it comes to their music. This has left some fans in a “WTF?!” attitude. The band shared a statement via Facebook about the criticisms:

If we have let any of you down we are sorry . But we have to follow our dreams and our passion , you all have a million bands and artists you love … We have ONE project and ONE thing that we have to do for our entire lives so we have to do it how WE want to do it. Most of you have grown with us and that’s so amazing to see , seeing people out on the crowd singing savages AND singing stars & moon , like … Wow .. That’s amazing. Most of you after a show will tell us it’s the best night you’ve ever had in your life… But 1 or 2 of you will be unhappy. Makes us sad and we are sorry but we hope you understand what we are trying to accomplish. We love each and every single one of you. But as we have a responsibility to make you happy , we have an even bigger responsibility to our selfs and following our hearts. ‪#‎SAVAGES‬ and no , not breaking up , not quiting , in our minds we are doing bigger and better than ever and doing it OUR way witch is awesome.

Awesome to see the band is answering a TON of fans’ concerns and questions on this post on their Facebook page.