Tranquility mingles with edge in By Starlight’s new single, “So Desperate.” This hypnotic tune reels you into the new female-fronted band. Like on command, the ingenious of the song leads you to depths of yourself that you may never understand.

Dizzying, nearly casting us under her spell, the lead singer, Sara Murray, demands to be heard. Everything about these new up and coming musicians screams success. Drawing parallels between desperation and the strange hypnotic feeling in the song highlights a place where each of us has been: a shared human condition. With relatable lyrics and classic punk tempo, this speaks directly to the soul of every person who has laid wide awake, aching for absolution.

By Starlight brings a sense of musicality so rarely seen in modern grunge hits. Sometimes we have to look at music as literature. This band forces us to do that as we question our incredulous reality. So Desperate forces us to feel the repetition that spurs urgency, to erode us from the inside out… Erode us, but let the instruments save us, heal us.

The new London trio mixes the Arctic Monkeys soothing vocals with a 90s alternative backdrop. With this being By Starlight’s first single, it leaves so many directions for the band to take and rendering us to ask: where from this? Eagerly delve into the rest of the new EP; you will not regret it, this song just leaves you So Desperate.

You can check out By Starlight’s new single, “So Desperate,” and the full EP below!


Contributed by Alex West | @PresidentWestie