After announcing the dissolving of Capture the Crown earlier this week with an “RIP CTC” image. Capture the Crown are now going by the name Capture. They’ve also released a new song called “Lost Control.” Take a listen below.

Jeffrey Wellfare of Capture tells Alt Press:

“We’re moving on and opening another chapter of the book,” explains Capture’s Jeffrey Wellfare. “I just feel like it’s necessary moving forward. It’s a good thing for me and for the team.”

“We did an RIP CTC [post] because we’re not going to be referred to as Capture The Crown anymore—we’re just going to be Capture,” Wellfare says. “It allows us to play some back catalog stuff, but it also allows us to progress into a new realm that we’ve been wanting to do for awhile.”

“It’s weird because I feel like I’ve been stuck in Capture The Crown for a few years and doing stuff that I don’t really enjoy doing because obviously at the beginning the band, my music choices and tastes were very different from what I’m into now,” Wellfare says. “That was seven years ago—even longer than that. People change, opinions change and music tastes change, and I’m just moving forward with what I feel comfortable with and what everyone else in my team and the band feels comfortable with. We’re just going to capitalize on that and if people like it, they like it, and if not, it’s all good. Just going to do it and enjoy it.”

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