our favorite albums of 2017

Our favorite albums of 2017

To celebrate the end of another great year of music, each writer at All Punked Up shares which album made their favorite album of 2017.
our christmas wish list for 2017

Our Christmas Wish List For 2017

Christmas is approaching soon, which begs me to ask if you have sent your letter to Santa yet? If you haven't, let's do it together and formulate a Christmas wi...
5 tips for new music bloggers

5 tips for new music bloggers

I have been contributing to All Punked Up for almost a year now, and it’s crazy to think about how much I have accomplished. For the past six of my concert-goin...
5 silverstein starter songs

5 Silverstein starter songs

If you are interested in giving them a listen, here are five songs I thought would be great “starter songs” for anyone new to Silverstein.
our top 10 sexiest songs

Our Top 10 Sexiest Songs

Recently at an All-American Rejects show, frontman Tyson Ritter, said that he believes "Rock n' Roll can still be sexy," and went on to say that he wanted the c...