You know Twenty One Pilots are masters on hiding messages on their logos, aesthetic, lyrics and more elements surrounding their music. Now that they are supposedly working on a new album, that doesn’t mean they are not sending a message.

Spotted by many fans by now, and thanks to Strife Magazine, we have some clues to play with.

If you go to the Twenty One Pilots official website and using Google Chrome right-click on the image and search for it, you will get a message that says “don t do that again” and then if you search for the image again, the word “light” appears. We tested it and it works. Holy…!

If you do the same for other images they have published online, you might get other results like “Echo”.

Could either of these be the name of the next album? Either way, we couldn’t be more excited about whatever they come up with. Take your time, Tyler and Josh!

You can see how it all works below and even try it by yourself: