We are totally digging this tune from Crystalyne. The group released a brand new single today titled “Air I Breathe.” Check it out below and start loving it like we do!

Lyrics (pulled from YouTube):

We’re polar opposites
drowned in magnificence
no, boy you are the gravity I fear
Now all your hate is love
you’re water in my lungs
but still you keep me safe from everything

All I want is more of you
Show me love and bring me truth

I’m falling in love
so I’m falling apart
These are the days
we’ll never live down

I’m falling in love
So I’m falling apart

You’re lying next to me
it’s getting hard to breathe
and I can feel the anger on your skin
Tell me it’s make believe
it’s how it’s supposed to be
How did I ever let you in oh

You are in the air I breathe
You can silence everything

And these are the days
We’ll never live down
All words are lost
All skin will crack
All hearts will break
Truth’s what we lack
Forgive me for this
Sanity’s sick
I’m almost home again