Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop was allegedly involved in an incident with a fan at the band’s signing leading to said fan calling him out.

A friend of the fan, Jessica Bruce, took to Twitter to share the unfavorable experience Jessica had with Worsnop claiming that she asked only for a hug and he responded with that he had “no time for such sh-t.”

Danny Worsnop responded with a series of Tweets that read:

“My apologies, but your friend misheard. I said “sorry, I don’t have time right now” as I had a meeting. I also shook her hand, not pushed. 

Furthermore, I wasn’t supposed to be at that signing at all, but went anyway to make sure people got their posters signed. In other news, my signings resume in Russia! Head towards merch after the show for signed copies of the album and pictures. 

I wasn’t trying to start a war there, just correcting misinformation. The apology for being misheard/misunderstood is a genuine one. 

Imagine if there were no signings or socials… People would have to appreciate the art without my personal life dictating if they like it. 

I have a solution to this whole thing. I’m drawing a line in the sand between my art and personal life. Socials are now for career only, I will hold Album/Print signings & acoustics. I’m taking my life back, thankyou for enjoying what I create.”