Things are about to get awkward.

Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop took to Instagram to explain how his pre-show rituals have changed over the past few years:

“It’s funny how times change… A few years ago I’d be a bottle deep, snorting cocaine out of a stripper’s butthole, thinking of outrageous things to say on stage, and trying to remember the words to my own songs…

Now here I am sat in my dressing room, bundled up in my comfies, stuffing my face with chocolate and waiting for the Mrs to call for our pre-show loveathon.

This life is far less exhausting, and much more enjoyable! My past may not be pretty, but it is mine and it made me the man I am today.

Still can’t figure out how to watch my home DVR from here though… So at least I have that to complain about. I’m 3 weeks behind on “The Mick”… Pretty pissed about it.”

Not going to lie. That was weird. But, more power to you, Danny.